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with keen interest in partnering with organizations to rebuild their HR structure…


Who We Are

Aideplanet Consulting Limited is one of Africa’s leading human resources firm with keen interest in partnering with organizations to rebuild their HR structure and give every employee a focus and direction. We provide a comprehensive range of human resource services across different sectors to organizations who seek expertise solutions to their need.

Our Services

We understand how it works ...


Staff Outsourcing

We provide the expertise you need which saves you costs and streamline your operations.


One-Off Recruitment

We recruit quality and efficient professionals for your short-term projects and part-time jobs.


Background Check

We help you make informed decisions by verifying the accuracy of key information provided by your employee


Learning & Development

We offer a range of opportunities for individuals to enhance their personal and professional development.

Why Choose Us


We improve HR to enhance organizational outcomes.

Tailored HR Services

We provide custom HR services to fit your needs.

Strategic Approach

We align human capital with client initiatives for lasting success.


Committed to organizational excellence.

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